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New Software Update available V2.2.3.251


  • CPN1010i 10” XVGA 1024 x 600 sunlight viewable bonded touch screen display with 1000Nit backlight
  • Built-in detailed charts for coastal navigation of USA including Alaska, Hawaii and Great Lakes, Canada, Bahamas, Caribbean, Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Central America
  • Built-in Wi-Fi®  Internet Web Browser and Multi-Media Player
  • Stream live music or video and listen effortlessly from the chart plotter’s front panel built-in speakers
  • USB connection for memory stick to watch movies, view pictures, or listen to music
  • Dual station networking capability
  • Pair with an iPhone or iPad using Jeppesen's free Plan2Nav mobile app
  • NMEA2000 and NMEA0183 compatible
  • Jeppesen’s C-Weather forecasting service includes wind speed/direction, wave height and weather type projections
  • Optional C-Map 4D cartography for viewing 3D, raster or vector charts and an intensive library of photos and POI’s
  • Internal 50 channel WAAS GPS antenna with external antenna connection
  • Dual chart window with independent zoom levels
  • Displays DSC Distress and Position report calls received from a DSC VHF radio
  • AIS and FF525 Fish Finder capable
  • 2 NTSC or PAL Video inputs with Picture in Picture display
  • 1 VGA Video output to connect to a monitor at a second station
  • 3000 Marks / 50 Routes / 20 Tracks with 10,000 available track points
  • Supplied with a swivel mounting bracket and flush mounting hardware
  • Overall Dimension: 8.4"H x 12.6"W x 3.3"D
  • Flush Mount Cut Out: 7.0"H x 10.7"W
  • 3 Year Waterproof Warranty


Pair an iphone or ipad with Jeppesens free Plan2Nav Mobile App
Download Jeppesen's free Plan2Nav Mobile App onto your iPhone or iPad and pair up with the CPN1010i. Now you can view all of the Chart and Navigation data available on the CPN1010i in the palm of your hand.
NMEA200 and NMEA0183 Compatible
The CPN1010i is now compatible with all NMEA2000 compliant electronics. NMEA2000 allows for seamless plug and play connection and integration with a wide array of electroncis available in the marketplace.
Built-in Wi-Fi® and speakers
With built-in Wi-Fi® you will have full internet access from any Wi-Fi® hot spot. Stream live music or video and listen effortlessly from the chart plotter’s front panel built-in speakers. Or for improved audio quality take advantage of an auxiliary output to connect your onboard stereo speakers.
Built-in Multimedia Player
The CPN1010i allows you to watch music and videos stored on a USB flash drive while at port using the built-in Multi-Media Player.
Keyboard options
Check and reply to your email with an on-screen touch sensitive keyboard or a USB keyboard with the accessible USB port on the rear panel.
Built-in C-Map Charts
The CPN1010i has award winning C-Map coastal charts built-in which cover USA, Canada, Bahamas, Mexico, Caribbean, Cuba and parts of Central America. Details include: all Navaids icons on chart page, depth contours, soundings up to 66Ft and tidal information.
Endless Hybrid Controls
Operating a chart plotter could not be easier. The CPN1010i has 3 different methods to control functions; touching the water proof bonded capacitive touch display, moving ShuttlePoint knob to quickly move the cursor or breeze though menus using the Rotary Knob with push to enter.
Dedicated CHART key
The dedicated CHART key is used to quickly toggle to show Vector, Raster and Satellite information without having to drill down into menus allowing you more information at your fingertips.

*Optional C-Map 4D cartography required
No fumbling through setup menus, The TILT and ROTATE keys allows the chart to be tilted up or down and rotated 360° using the Rotary Knob.

*Optional C-Map 4D cartography required
Dedicated Navigation Keys
Using a GPS Chart Plotter has never been so easy! The CPN1010i has dedicated MARK key which allows the creation of a single waypoint or creation right on the Chart Page. Want to navigate to one of the marks or to a Route, the GOTO key allows you to do so directly on the chart or via the popup menu when the key is pressed.
Internal / External 50 Channel WAAS GPS
The internal 50-channel WAAS receiver is the heart of the CPN700i. WAAS delivers pinpoint repeatable accuracy to within 3 meters of a vessel's actual position without the additional expense of a Differential receiver. The WAAS system currently covers the United States, Canada, Mexico and parts of northern South America. Additionally, the CPN700i is EGNOS and MSAS ready which will extend superior receiver performance to the United Kingdom and European Continent.

For flush mount installs the CPN1010i is capable of connection the optional WAAS GPS antenna (Q7000619A) supplied with 30 feet of routing cable.
Dual Chart Windows and Compass Heading indication
To see the approximate bearing of ships, buoys, obstructions or quickly see a bearing to a point you want to navigate to, the CPN1010i display can be setup to show a compass around the ships position on the Chart page.

The CPN1010i display can be set to show two chart windows with independent zoom levels.
Optional C-Map 4D cartography
The CPN1010i is capable of utilizing all features of optional C-MAP 4D cartography.

C-Map 4D is the only navigation that is two chart products on one cartridge. Choose Max or Full 4D content and then you can unlock data or add new chart data as it becomes available.
3-Year Waterproof Warranty
If the CPN1010i fails for any reason (including water damage) during normal use for the first 3 years of ownership, STANDARD HORIZON will repair or replace it free, without hassles or charges. If it fails for anytime thereafter in normal use, for as long as the original purchaser owns the radio, STANDARD Horizon's Lifetime Flat Rate and Customer Loyalty Service Programs will cover it.
Dual Video Inputs
The CP1010i offers two video inputs to connect to NTSC or PAL color video cameras or any off the shelf DVD player which is viewed on the CPN1010i wide screen display. The CPN1010i can show the image on the whole display or on a small Picture in Picture display or be shown at user selectable intervals to monitor your bilge during a cruise.
AIS display capable
The CPN1010i is capable of displaying AIS targets from AIS receivers (Standard Horizon Matrix AIS+ GX2150) or AIS transponders on it Chart page. The AIS targets are colored to inform you of the type of AIS ship you are looking at. In addition, Closest Point of Approach or Time to Closest Point of Approach alarms can be set to alert you of approaching Class A and B ships.
Swivel Mounting Bracket and flush mount
Swivel mounting bracket and flush mount hardware are supplied in the box with the CPN1010i.
VHF Digital Selective Calling and Position Polling
STANDARD HORIZON pioneered this function, leading the industry with innovative features and function.

The CPN1010i GPS Chart Plotter has the capability to be connected to a compatible DSC VHF Fixed mounted radio. This is done by simply connecting 3 wires between the CPN1010i and the VHF.
Connecting the products together allow you to securely and totally privately poll and display another vessels position on the display of the CPN1010i. To take this one step further, the CPN700i has a DSC Call directory that logs the position of the polled vessels and also the position of a vessel that has transmitted a DSC Distress call.
FF525 optional black box fish finder capable
The optional FF525 Fish Finder option brings high-end fish finding capability to Standard Horizon's CPN touch screen Multimedia GPS Chart plotters making them the ideal choice for casual or professional anglers alike.

The optional FF525 Dual Frequency (50 and 200kHz) Black Box Fish Finder's advanced filtering eliminates unwanted noise and sharpens return echoes for enhanced separation and detection.

Transducer ID™ allows the FF525 to query the transducer (sold separately) to determine its performance characteristics. Power output, frequency, beam pattern and other unique transducer characteristics are sent to the fish finder. This data allows the fish finder to fine tune itself to match the transducer which optimizes overall system performance. No matter what the conditions, you will be able to fine tune your fishing rather than the fish finder.

Note: Transducer ID™ is a registered trademark of AIRMAR Technology Corporation, Milford.

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