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Rated "EDITOR'S CHOICE" by Practical Sailor September 2009


Rated "BEST CHOICE" by Practical Sailor July 2009


SAIL Magazine 2009 Pittman "INNOVATION AWARD" January 2009

  • Built-in Parallel 12 Channel GPS Receiver
  • DSC Distress call, Urgency, Safety, Postion Report and Reply and Individual calling
  • 6 Watt Transmit power
  • Volume & Squelch indication on display
  • NMEA output of DSC, DSE, GLL, RMC, GSA, GSV and GGA
  • Channel names on display
  • NOAA Weather Channels
  • SOS Strobe light
  • 1150 mAh Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • 110 VAC and 12 VDC Chargers included
  • Position information shown on the display
  • Case dimensions: 2.44"W x 5.57"H x 1.61"D
  • Keylock

Practical Sailor Awards
Editors Choice Award - September 2009
Shelling out a few extra bucks for a high-end handheld VHF ($140 to $350) will get you added features and upgrades. We tested eight radios in this category in the July 2009 issue, with the GPS-equipped Standard Horizon HX850S taking class honors.

Best Choice Award - July 2009
The HX850S garnered the Best Choice award for its unique features and top-notch performance.
SAIL Magazine 2009 Pittman Innovation Award
SAIL’s annual Pittman Innovation Awards recognize the most-innovative products in the sailboat market each year.

"Some said it couldn’t be done, but Standard Horizon has not only combined quality GPS and VHF features in a single handheld, but has also endowed it with a complete set of DSC functions."

With an HX850S you can place automated distress calls that include precise location and identification data. You can also “direct dial” other vessels or ping the 850’s location from the mother ship. The 6-inch-high handheld also boasts 6 watts of transmitting power and a 1,150 mAh Li-Ion battery that’s good for about nine hours (depending on GPS settings). What’s more, the unit can output NMEA 0183 GPS data, and it floats. The HX850S could serve well on everything from an offshore yacht to a kayak.
6W transmit power and rugged construction
Designed to be a work horse, the HX850S includes 6 Watts of transmit power, die cast chassis, ergonomically shaped with rubberized armor for a non-slip grip and heavy duty belt clip.
Floating, and internal 12 channel GPS
The HX850S radio is designed for the highest-level boating enthusiast. This advanced FLOATING handheld VHF/GPS includes a 12-channel GPS receiver allowing the radio to transmit a DSC call with your coordinates, perfect for a ditch bag. In addition the HX850S can transmit and receive Digital Selective Calls (DSC) including Position Polling.
Additional features
Advanced features include: Full dot matrix display with Full page Radio with channel names, Radio/Position, Radio/SOG/COG pages, SC-101 DSC Digital Selective Calling including; Position request and Position report, Volume & Squelch indication on display, NMEA output on cradle for connection to your favorite fixed mount GPS, SOS strobe light, NOAA Weather with alert and a speaker microphone jack allowing connection of optional accessories.

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